The 7'th Yury Norshtein's Award: The Result of The Competition
The official announcement on the result of the competition, "The 7'th Yury Norshtein's Award":

Grand Prix



IN winter some people go ice fishing. Excitement intensified by freezing temperatures and strong drinks lead to unpredictable consequences.

Special Prize for the Direction

Claudius Gentinetta & Frank Braun / The Cable Car (Die Seilbahn) / Switzerland

The Cable Car (Die Seilbahn)

While travelling by cable car to a place somewhere in the mountains, an old man treats himself to some snuff. Et voila! With every sneeze the cable car cabin is falling more and more apart. The man, however, is farfrom accepting his fate just that.

Special Prize for the Animation

Shiho Hirayama / swimming / Japan


A fantastic story of a chubby boy that challenfes a swimming test.

Special Prize for the Character

MARC RIBA & ANNA SOLANAS / Violeta (Violeta,la pescadora del mar negro) / SPAIN

Violeta (Violeta,la pescadora del mar negro)

Violeta loves best fishing into darkest depths.

Special Prize for the Humor

OHRYS BIRD / The Sushi Foresut (Sushi no Mori) / Japan

The Sushi Foresut (Sushi no Mori)

One summer vacation,a father and a son cisits a forest to look for insects. However,this forest was not just an ordinary forest but happens to be a specialforest called "The sushi Forest". One ordinary day happens to be a traumatic experience for a little boy.

a Prize from the Audiences

Shiho Hirayama / swimming / Japan


A fantastic story of a chubby boy that challenfes a swimming test.

The 7th Yury Norshtein's Award: The Official Screening

"The 7'th Yury Norshtein's Award" was established in 2000 as the first domestic competition in Japan and this is the first year to open as an International competition.@We have received 180 films including 42 films from abroad (15 countries). At the first selection, 35 films have been selected and will be shown at the official screening. We prepare 5 awards as follows.

Grand Prix
Special Prize for the direction
Special Prize for the animation
Special Prize for the character
Special Prize for the humor

There's also a Prize from the audiences.

Aiuchi Keiji (Graphic Creator)
Aihara Nobuhiro (Animation Director)
Ikegaya Hajime (Sculptor)
Ishigami Mitsutoshi (Critic)
Inatsugi Yumiko (Producer)
Ishino Hirokazu (Animator)
Oi Fumio (Animation Director)
Odagiri Akira (Creative Director)
Kakui Sukeyoshi (/Ex-NHK Radio Director)
Kira Keizo (Animation Director)
Kuri Yoji (Animation Director)
Kobayashi Junji (Animator)
Gomi Yoko (Animation Critic)
Sena Keiko (Picture Book Author)
Noma Toshi (Animation Director)
Hashimoto Masaru (Cartoon Artist)
Haraguchi Masahiro (Animation Critic)
Hiruma Yukio (Animation Director)
Bouda Katsushi (Animation Director)
Hosaka Sumiko (Puppet Artist)
Magari Fumiko (Animation Director)
Makino Masatomo (The manager of the Production Division of Video Software)
Watanabe Yasushi (Animation Critic)
Mikhail Tumelya (Animation Director)

The 7th Yury Norshtein's Award: Regulations
Works for submission must conform to the following criteria.

Work Composition

All submitted works, including those created by computer, must be produced on a frame-by-frame basis, and completed after 1 January 2005 will be accepted.


Applicants of all nationalities, age, gender, as well as individuals or groups are eligible to enter the competition. Professional and amateurs are also eligible for entry.

Work Length

The work must be less than 30 minutes.

Work Format

35mm, 16mm,Betacam (NTSC/NTSC SP only), DV (NTSC), DVD

Work must be submitted on videotape, DVD or mini DV.
Works produced in other formats must be converted to one of the above formats before being submitted.
Works on videotape must use standard VHS (NTSC) videocassette tapes.
Each submitted videotape, DVD or mini DV must contain one work only.
For formatting purposes, works must not be copy-protected.
Write the entry category, title, and name of applicant and total length of the work on the videotape.

Number of entries

Each work may be entered once only in the competition.


1. work
2. Application form
3. Still photograph or picture of the work
*Electronic data acceptable.
*Still and photograph are not sent back.

Applicants are responsible for the delivery of their work.
Works sent through cash on delivery (COD) will not be accepted.
Overseas applicants are responsible for customs procedures and costs.
Works must be received within the indicated time period.
Please make a back-up copy of each work before sending as the submitted work will not be returned.

*The application form can be downloaded here.


Application Address/Contact

Laputa International Animation Festival Committee (LIAF)
Zip Code: 166-0001
2-12-19 Asagaya-kita Suginami-ku Tokyo Japan
Tel: +81-3-5327-3786
Fax: +81-3-5327-7655

Application period

February 15, 2008


Applicants are responsible for establishing the copyright status of all characters,scenes and music featured in the works, and to ensure that permission is obtained from the relevant authority for such use.
LIAF Committee will not accept responsibility for the compensatory claims of any third party which pertain to the violation of copyrights laws committed by the applicant.

The copyright for submitted works shall remain with the original applicant.
However, be aware that LIAF Committee retains to use winning works for the purpose of promoting LIAF Committee without any obligation to the copyright holder, and without the need to obtaining his/her permission beforehand.

*Promotional activities may include using the winning works in public screenings at the LIAF, on the official LIAF website, and in brochures and other forms of media.

Judging Process

The selection panel will be comprised of approximately 30 judges(Japanese animtion authers, animators, critics, cartoon artists etc) and the final selection will be open reviewed and judged within the period of LIAF. (March 20-23,2008)

Awards and Additional Prizes

Grand Prize souvenir
There are also prizes for the works of each fields:
director, animator, sound-director,art-director,etc.